Bow in the Presence of Greatness - The Snackadium!

While scouring the web, sometimes one will come across a gem, so amazingly glorious that a facebook share just doesn’t give it justice. I found this feat of snack food wonderment months back and have been waiting for just the right time to share it all with you. Prepare yourselves for the ultimate in Big Game snacking.

The Snackadium.

Fished from the gluttonously sugar coated depths of a site known as, The Snackadium is a Super Bowl must! Submitted by the obviously professional snacker, Scott Pham, the Snackadium is created with all the latest in chips and dips.

The field is a sea of guacamole with cheese dip and salsa end zones. It's lined with sour cream for the yard markers and Slim Jim goal posts. Ruffles, tortilla chips, Cheetos and Doritos cheer on Vienna sausages with little cheese helmets while they play on the field, separated only by hotdogs and bacon. The stadium itself is created with rice crispy treats.

This is by no means the only way to create a Snackadium. Make your own combo, and be the star of this year’s party. But pay homage to the template; Scott Pham, you deserve it!